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About Hope Health & Care Services

Hope Healthcare Services NSW

Hope Health & Care Services(HH&CS)

HH&CS is committed to helping people from different backgrounds by providing a wide range of disability assistance support services.

HH&CS provides a wide range of support and services that facilitates your daily needs in line with the client’s goals.  Our aspiration is to maintain high ethical standards through our well-trained staff on top of their experience and educations. We achieve this by working closely with our participants to accomplish their daily medical, physical, emotional needs and much more.

Our home care services are built around the client’s needs and goals. Our disability support includes many services :

o Making connections with support in your community.
o Home adaptations to support you with daily tasks.
o Personal care assessment at home.
o Nursing care management and much more.

The above services are delivered by our devoted, experienced, professional Team.

We take time to listen, understand what our clients need to meet their goals and expectations on how they want to be supported.

Why Do We Exist?

Love, Care, Security and Quality of life for you or your loved ones.HH&CS offers support in which to facilitate your life management by staying in the community and out of the hospital, live as independently as possible, from skill education, daily living, mental health meditation, Yoga  by being productive in the community.

 Hope Health & Care Services values are built upon:

o Keeping and supporting participant to live independently in their own homes.
o Sense of community spirit and harmony Encouragement .
o Professional development Promotion.
o Super Care through continuous quality improvement.
o Recreational, occupational, educational and cultural activities Engagement.

Our Mission

HH&CS mission is to provide high-quality services, through efficient and timely services.

We pride on the milestone we have achieved by offering an outstanding  services through our clients positive feedback.

Our Value

We aim to maintain high ethical values within the disability service delivery and provide high-quality care services. 


Our Vision

Our Vision is to impact impaired individuals lives by providing high-quality disability services to meet our Clients goals.

Our Motto

Progressive quality care services, a call away!

HH&CS Care Team

Our qualified staff are compassionate and dedicated hard workers. Having been thoroughly trained in-house in addition to their own experience & qualifications, they are competent to deal with any and every task.

Not just that, our employees are multi-lingual speaking numerous languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Somali, Amharic, Italian, and Spanish thus eliminating any language barriers or cultural differences/clashes any participant may encounter, with this we ensure that a high quality of service will be delivered by us.

Some of our specialist staff include:

  • Qualified and experienced Social Workers
  • Qualified and experienced Nurses
  • Qualified and experienced Disability Support Workers
  • Qualified and experienced Accountants
  • Qualified and experienced Mental Health Support Workers
  • Allied Health Professionals