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Specialist Behaviour Support NSW

Specialist Behaviour Support Service NSW

Welcome to Hope Health & Care Services, your trusted provider of Specialist Behaviour Support Services in NSW. We understand that individuals with disabilities, as well as children and young people in care, may sometimes exhibit behaviours that raise concerns among their loved ones or support network. These behaviours can range from causing physical or emotional harm to limiting their ability to fully engage with the community.

At Hope Health & Care Services, our Specialist Behaviour Support Service is tailored to address the unique needs of each individual. We believe in creating personalised strategies that not only reduce the occurrence and impact of behaviours of concern but also enhance overall wellbeing and quality of life.

As an NDIS registered Behaviour Support Services provider, we offer a range of supports within NDIS plans to promote positive outcomes for our clients:

Improved Relationships:

  • Behaviour support interventions and recommendations
  • Assessment and development of Behaviour Support Plans
  • Reduction of harmful behaviours and elimination of restrictive practices
  • Individual social skills development
  • Complex case management


Improved Daily Living:

  • Training, coaching, and mentoring of staff, carers, and parents
  • Providing training and advice regarding restrictive practices
  • Individual counselling


Our team of Specialist Behaviour Support Service clinicians brings extensive experience and training in contemporary behaviour support practices. We are dedicated to helping individuals with various disabilities, ageing, and mental health conditions lead fulfilling lives.

You can access our Specialist Behaviour Support Services by reaching out to Hope Health & Care Services. Let us partner with you in fostering positive change and promoting holistic wellbeing for individuals in need.

Specialist Behaviour Support Service NSW