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The National Disability Insurance Scheme

Disability Support Service NSW

NDIS and Assistance

There are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability. Within the next five years, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will provide more than $22 billion in funding a year to an estimated 500,000 Australians who have permanent and significant disability. For many people, it will be the first time they receive the disability support they need.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

The NDIA makes decisions about whether someone is eligible to become an NDIS participant and, if so, how much funding they will receive. This is based on legislation called the NDIS Act 2013  which sets out what supports and services are considered reasonable and necessary for the NDIS to fund.

Local area coordination (LAC) partners
  • Local area coordination (LAC) partners support the NDIS to deliver social and economic outcomes for people with disability.

For most people aged seven years and older, a LAC will be their main point of contact for the NDIS.

LACs work with all people with disability (not just NDIS participants).

LACs can:

  • help all people with disability to connect with supports, activities in their community and other government services to meet their needs.
  • share information about the NDIS and help people access the NDIS if needed.
  • work with NDIS participants to develop and use their NDIS plan.
  • work in local communities to help them become more accessible and inclusive for all people with disability.
NDIS Service

The NDIS funding system is designed to be flexible and tailored to each individuals’ needs. NDIS participants can choose the supports they want in order to reach their goals.

NDIS plan assistance

Every NDIS plan varies according to the individual but will be based on your own preferences and needs. Your NDIS plan will include your personal situation, goals, supports and funding.

NDIS Goals

NDIS Plan goals helps participants to better understand social cues and to monitor and manage their own responses to certain situations.

NDIS Rights

The NDIS Commission aims to uphold the rights of people with disability, including the right to dignity and respect, and to live free from abuse, exploitation, and violence. This is in keeping with Australia’s commitment to empower people with disability and create healthy community.

NDIS plan management

There are several kinds of NDIS plan management of the funding, so making the right choice is important. NDIS participants have a choice about how to manage the funds in their plan. Hope health care services gives you NDIS planning assistance.

NDIS Support Coordination

Connect with NDIS support coordinators with Hope health care services to understand the NDIS and your plan, and get NDIS services tailored for your individual needs and goals.