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SIL Housing

Supported Independent Living Services NSW

Supported Independent Living, (sometimes called “shared accommodation”) is a style of living whereby an individual receives support or supervision throughout daily tasks that they might find challenging. How to live independently with a disability can be a concern for individuals who live with an impairment. Unlike traditional care homes, supported independent living aims to help an individual with disabilities live in the most self-sufficient way possible, developing key skills without removing their independence.

A NDIS support where a person with disabilities can live with others with access to a whole lot of support from daily tasks, personal care to learning life skills!

Our SIL Housing

At Hope, we are committed to providing a tailored experience for every individual that lives with us in our supported accommodation. As an SIL provider, we offer short- or medium-term accommodation and specialised disability accommodation packaged with care services that aim to maintain and ultimately develop your independence.


Supported Independent Living Services NSW

NDIS and supported independent living

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding to help eligible individuals with funding supported independent living. Funding does not include rental costs, but rather the services that are provided within the supported living home. These services include carers, supervisors and other independent living needs.

If you are looking to secure NDIS funding for supported housing services, find out more about whether you are eligible in

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